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The research and study herein addresses anomalies that exist in our observations and understanding of the physical universe.  The four primary anomalies that are addressed deal with momentum.  These include: the slowing rotation of the Earth, the increasing altitude of the Moon, the slowing of the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes and the rotational velocities of Galaxies.  The conclusions in this study appear to resolve these momentum anomalies by introducing a postulate that predicts a fundamental increasing variance of matter.  Support for this postulate can be applied by the variance of mass as defined by Special and General Relativity.  Additional support is also applied by the prediction of all matter of the Universe existing as a singularity prior to the Big Bang.  Current assumption in physics is that matter went from infinitesimally small prior to the Big Bang to an immediate and constant fixed size for the life of the Universe.  The Dynamic Matter postulate predicts an ongoing, perpetual expansion of matter beginning with the Big Bang and intrinsically linked to time.

            For matter to undergo a continuous expansion demands an equal and ongoing input and conversion of energy.  Recognizing that space is one of the three fundamental components of the Universe: matter, energy and space, then it is not an unfair proposition that there exists an equivalence between these three components.  The matter variability can therefore be provided by the “energy” of space.  The deduction of an equivalence of space to mass is derived from Newton’s law of gravity.

            General Relativity defines a curvature to space.  It is a postulate herein that space only appears curved.  The true geometry is one of a flow of space into the heart of every star, planet and atom.  The two geometric descriptions are mathematically equivalent.  By adopting the geometry of flowing space rather than curved, we then have a model that defines the transformation of space to matter.  Per the square rule, we recognize that a flow of space at the surface of a planet would be in an accelerated state.  By extending the equivalence principle which states that inertial force and gravitational force are equal, we can then see that the force due to gravity results from an “inertial space.”

            The velocity of space at the surface of the Earth is derived from General Relativity.  It is then shown that as one goes deep into the heart of an atom, this velocity terminates at “c”, the velocity of light.  Additional analysis shows that the Gravitational Constant can be predicted from the determined sub-atomic radius at which the velocity of space reaches “c”, and the value of “c.”  It seems likely that a theory that does successfully predict the value of “G” would do so from the velocity of light.

            It has been demonstrated by Stephenson and others that tidal friction is not adequate to account for the total slowing of the Earth’s rotation.  By applying Newton’s “conservation of angular momentum,” the value for the ongoing variance of matter is derived from the slowing rotation of the Earth.  This value is then used to successfully resolve the momentum anomalies of; the Moon’s increasing orbit altitude, the slowing of Pioneer and the rotational velocities of the Galaxies.

            Further relationships emerge from the concept of a “dynamic matter.”  These include the basis for the “quantum” and the definition of how a fifth dimension manifests itself.  In addition, a percentage of the extreme red shift measured in distant galaxies can be attributed to “dynamic matter.”  Also, the concept of a flowing inertial space yields a model of a scalar field that can be defined as space itself and is equal to the speed of light.  In the final analysis, what we currently observe in these momentum anomalies appears as a violation of Newton’s first law.  If we adhere to this law, then what emerges is a requirement that mass be variable in an ongoing and intrinsic manner.  Additional experimenting and testing should be conducted that verifies if an apparent discrepancy in Newton’s first law is attributable to the “dynamic matter” postulate presented herein.


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